Better U Coaching and Consulting offers training programs on all of the topics that we coach and consult on, so that you may increase the effectiveness of these programs throughout your organization. We offer tele-classes, workshops, seminars, webinars and email consultations to meet your training needs.

We Offer Training On:
  • Everyone knows that a successful business isn't a one-person job.  It takes a team, all pushing on the same side of the box to get stuff done - to make the business work.  Without teamwork, deadlines are missed, products aren't shipped and customers are unhappy.  Whether you have a small company or a large one, improving teamwork is a highly effective way to improve your company's processes and profitability.  Call us today to discuss how we can help YOUR company improve its teamwork.

  • Inbox ZERO - Are you swimming in an overload of email? Can't figure out what to do next because you are buried in a tidal wave of messages? Have you lost business because you have not responded in time to complete an order or fix a customer complaint problem? We have a program for you that helps you filter, sort and prioritize your email so you KNOW what you need to work on, what's important and what is just noise. CALL us TODAY and let us help you with the ocean of communication coming your way!

  • Are you struggling to Get Things Done?  Better U offers programs in our highly effective Personal Productivity Program (P3). We have taken the best of today's popular time management systems and incorporated them into our exclusive system that leverages the best technology, philosophies and methods to help you get the RIGHT stuff done quicker, with less stress and allow you to enjoy life more.  We bring our program to you.  Call today to find out about our Time Management and Personal Productivity - also available in our P3 tele-class

Today's technology moves at an incredible pace.  If your company is like most, there are many areas that can be improved upon with the right application of the RIGHT technology.  Computers, tablets and smartphones are all ubiquitous in today's modern business.  But is your company REALLY making effective use of this technology? Our business technology specialists can help you identify how to achieve maximum efficiency from your technology investment and can tell you when and how an upgrade will impact your business the most.  Call us today to find out how you can take your organization to the next level.