Procurement Consulting

Are your workers still doing Requests for Proposal (RFP) through Word & Excel documents and email?  Or worse, are they still doing them on paper?  How long does it take for your organization to receive, review, analyze and evaluate the responses?  Do your RFPs even get to what you were seeking in the first place?This just one areas where Better U can assist your organization is improving your procurement process. 

We assist companies in the following areas of the sourcing life cycle.

  • Sourcing Strategy & Business Case Development
  • RFP/Vendor Selections
  • Negotiations (and Re-Negotiations)
  • VMO and Governance
  • Contract and Price Benchmarking
  • Shared Services

If any of these areas are on your radar, even if not for another 6 months, we think the time is now to begin these conversations.  We understand all of the dynamics of dealing with a sourcing strategy and vendors.  Our expertise is in aiding you to achieve the best scenario for your company whether that be price, optimization, contract terms, or process. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can improve your procurement process.