Harnessing the Power of Change

Too often, people shy away from change.  They don't like it - they like how thing are now, even while often acknowledging that something needs to change.  Instituting change is as much about HOW you change as what you change. To drive change that makes a difference in an organization or in an individual, you need to understand how it is perceived. It is useful to think of transformational change as profound, fundamental and irreversible. It is a metamorphosis, a radical change from one form to another.Transformation is an approach, a philosophy and a methodology. The following is an initial attempt to articulate some of the key principles that seem to underlie much of the work being done in this field.

Transformational change is holistic

Transformational change is a systems approach, deriving its power by attending equally to hearts & minds (the inner life of human beings), human behavior, and the social systems and structures in which they exist. It therefore tends to be multi-disciplinary, integrating a range of approaches and methodologies. By dealing holistically with all elements of human systems, transformational change aims to be irreversible and enduring.

Transformational change involves breakthroughs

Albert Einstein said that “problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” Transformational change is distinguished by radical breakthroughs in paradigms, beliefs and behavior. In transformational change, what was seen as obstacles may morph into opportunities, apparently irreconcilable opposites may come to be seen as creative tension, and change that seemed improbable or requiring long development may quickly come into being.

Take a look at our logo and you'll come to appreciate the time and thought that went into its design.  In the center is the delta.  The upper-case delta is is defined as Change of any variable quantity, in mathematics and the sciences. Around the delta and in the center is the universal symbol for power.  It is found on many electronics and technology items.  Together, we have designed a logo that denotes the power of change and the incredible transformation that can occur when that change is successful.