Q: What is Coaching?

A: Coaching is an advanced way of relating that produces results for a client more quickly than if the client worked alone. The partnership between coach and client exists for the sole purpose of fostering and supporting the client's success. As your coach, I’m behind you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing you with support, compassion, resources, focus, and a sounding board for your ideas. Coaching sessions provide you with focus and clarity, minimizing obstacles to the results you desire.

Q: Why Hire a Coach?

A: Professional golfers have coaches, Olympic athletes have coaches, and pro baseball players have coaches. So what do you think would happen in your life if you had a coach? Those that do employ a coach tend to develop exceptionally fulfilling and healthy lives. The following are some examples of what a coach can do for you.

Coaching can help you:

  • Identify and overcome your obstacles

  • Stay on track while effectively dealing with what comes up in the moment

  • Make real and lasting change in your life and work

  • Get on a rewarding, stimulating, fulfilling, exciting, productive path

  • Become more productive

  • Significantly reducing stress

  • Find new energy and satisfaction in work and life

Q: What is a Coach?

A: Your coach is your partner in developing the life for which you know you're ready, personally and professionally. We choose a coach to encourage us, to challenge us, and remind us that we can live up to our potential.
A coach is:

  1. Your trainer in communication and life skills.

  2. Your sounding board when making life choices.

  3. Your motivator when strong actions are needed.

  4. Your unconditional support when you take a risk.

  5. Your mentor in personal development.

  6. Your co-designer when developing an extraordinary project.

  7. Your support in realizing the success you desire.

  8. Your partner in achieving personal and professional goals.

Q: How does it work?

A: Whether you're a business owner, manager, executive or a person looking to explore your next step, coaching works the following way:

You tell us where you are and what you hope to accomplish.  We'll talk about how we can best work together.  We will also secure your personal foundation (making sure your life is going as great as your career or business).

We may work on personal assessments to bring you enhanced self-awareness.  We will work on meeting your current goals and setting up new ones as we move forward.  We will establish a direction, strategy, action plan, and benchmarks for your continued success

Q: How do we coach?

A: Each coaching relationship is, by its nature, unique and customized to the individual. Therefore, you will in large measure, determine the process yourself. With that said, it may be helpful to understand what our clients can expect of us and what we expect of our clients. Coaching relationships typically begin with a complimentary discovery session to introduce us to each other, and to discuss what you want, and how you're going to proceed to get it. The process continues with weekly coaching sessions, which enable you to stay on track to fulfill your goals and dreams, to maintain the momentum of your change, and to integrate the success you are currently achieving.

We Expect Your Best - By choosing to work with one of our coaches, you're probably ready to do and to be your best. And if you aren't being or doing your best, we'll discover together what's holding you back. I'll understand and support your need to be heard and assisted back onto your path.

We Make Direct Requests - From time to time, we'll make a direct request, like "Will you accomplish X by the end of the month?" You may accept the request, counter-offer (state what you can do), or decline (rare). We'll support you whichever way you respond.

We Give Straight Advice - When we're sure of the situation, and you're open to it, we'll make specific suggestions on how to handle a problem or "go-for" an opportunity. If we're not sure, we'll say so. Honesty is one of our values - we're straightforward and expect the same from you. Regardless, we expect you to use the best of what we say and always use your own intuition and judgment.

We Encourage Goal Work - We'll usually ask you to come up with two or three goals, actions, or breakthroughs to have between one session and the next. If it is too much, say so. If you want more, just ask.

We Encourage Things to Happen on Time - We expect that we will stick to our pre-arranged coaching schedule and our agreement regarding our fees, unless other arrangements are made. We also encourage you to be spontaneous. If you are just starting to realize something big and can't wait to share a breakthrough, or ask a question, call or e-mail your coach, anytime. We want to share in your joys and triumphs! Therefore, we accept your important phone calls (5-10 min. limit) or e-mails at no charge.