Take Time for Thinking and Planning

As you initiate conversations with people, friends and strangers alike, you ask "How's it going?" Very often, people state "Busy. Busy, busy, busy!". Some lament their level of busy-ness, while others where it as a badge of honor. And while there is certainly nothing wrong with being busy, it is important to remember WHY we are actually busy.

Too often, we are busy working on the wrong things. A better way of saying that is that there are OTHER things that we should be busy doing that have a higher value, either to us or to the organization.

It is important for us to remember to set aside time for proper thinking and planning, so that we might be able to put our efforts to those activities that achieve maximum results. Setting aside 15 minutes at the end of every day to review the day just passed and to prepare for tomorrow is just such an example. This allows us to make sure we have closed all of our "open loops" and make note of any things that we need to follow-up on in the next day or week. Spending more time on Friday afternoon for the following week might also result in increase productivity (and customer satisfaction!).

Please give yourself the GIFT of taking time for thinking and planning. It nearly always results in a HAPPIER YOU.

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