When my kids were younger, I was a “Soccer Dad”, taking my daughters to softball & volleyball practices/games, Girl Scout events, dance class, etc. and I'm always amazed at the other parents who are doing the same, but doing it in much more frenzied and crazy manner.

Most of the time, its because they've over-committed themselves and/or their kids (they've over-committed themselves because little Susie can't drive!) with all of the events and other obligations that they've scheduled for the day.  Actually, this is where the first part of the problem occurs - they don't SCHEDULE.  To have a "Stress Less" lifestyle, you need to make sure you always have your calendar with you so you don't over-commit.  This includes when you go to soccer practice, the dentist, PTA meetings, etc.  When you get an invite to a birthday party, look up the date and add it to your calendar when you RSVP.  And here's a little hint: Put the location and if needed, directions, in or on (depending on whether you have paper or electronic) your calendar.  This way you always know where you're going.  And schedule travel time ON YOUR CALENDAR as well.  This is key to Stress Less.  Knowing where you're going and allowing enough time to get there will allow you to have a much more enjoyable day.

In my house, the rule is: If its not on the calendar, you don't go.  This has made things much easier for my wife and I as we only then need to choose who is going to do what if we need to go in opposite directions. Give it a try.  
Take Aways:

  • Have your calendar with you. This means the wall calendar is a no-no!

  • Write it down when you commit

  • Allow for travel time. Actually block it on your calendar if you tend to book too tightly.

  • Know where you're going and how to get there from where you're going to be leaving from.