Take Time To Reflect

It is said that one should spent their time looking through the windshield rather than looking back in the rear-view mirror.  It is better to look forward to the future rather than dwell on the past.  Good advise.  Except there ARE times when it pays to look back at things, understand them a bit better and learn from them.


As I write this, it is mid-March and the weather here is starting to warm up.  The dead cold of winter is, for the most part, past us and many look forward to spring.  But before we get too deep into spring and beyond, we should take a few minutes to look back and assess things and see what we could have done different, and post importantly, what we can do different moving forward.

I've written over the past few months about resolutions and goals and dreams.  How are those going for you?  Are you taking steps towards your dreams and visions?  If so, how is that going?  Do you need help?  If so, ask for it.  Seek out a trusted friend or partner or contact us for a free consultation.  If you are NOT taking steps towards your goals, why not?  Are you stuck trying to put your vision into words and articulate what you want? Are you stuck getting started?  If so, you are not alone - many people express this problem.  There is one piece of advise that I can give you here quickly - my kids will recognize this because I say it to them all the time.  When they say "I don't know how to..." do something, I always ask the same question: "What would you do if you DID know how?"  This usually starts the wheels turning and gets some ideas flowing.

Need help looking back and taking stock of the last few months?  Drop us an email at info@betterucoaching and we'll chat and get you moving in the right direction.