Recruiters - COMMUNICATE

As Better U coaches, one of the things that we often work with folks on is career change.  For a variety of reasons, many people would like to work someplace different or otherwise not be working where they are now.  This situation invariably leads to conversations with recruiters, whether they be third-party external recruiters or in-house HR folks.  Our clients invariably tell us a similar story, and if you have been on the job-market in the last few years, we're sure you've experienced something similar.  Here is the scenario:

A person responds to a job posting and gets contacted by a recruiter.  They speak about the job and the person's fit for said job.  It is then that the job-seeks gives the go-ahead for the recruiter to submit the job-seeker as a candidate for a position.  

Too often, the story ends there or shortly thereafter.  If the candidate wasn't picked, the recruiter won't tell them that.  Unless the job-seeker contacts the recruiter, nothing more happens.  The job-seeker, on the other-hand, does not wish to come off as desperate, so they do not contact the recruiter. End of story.

Except that in this story, the recruiter doesn't come out of the situation as well. The candidate now has a perception that you are a poor communicator or unprofessional. The problem is that in most circumstances, the recruiter does a poor job communicating.  (If you are one of those recruiters who communicates with all of your candidates well, then you are the exception.  Please continue as you are.)  For everyone else, show your candidates some RESPECT and COMMUNICATE!  With today's systems, it is barely more than a few clicks of the mouse.  Even if everything is manual, it is only an email once every week or so to keep people in the loop.  

This is especially true for those internal recruiters.  If you fail to communicate properly with a candidate, you are tarnishing your company's reputation.  You are the "face" of the company.  You must show the candidate that you and by extension, your company, has their act together, and is organized and communicates well.  Put your company in a good light.

So whether you are an external recruiter or an internal one, remember: COMMUNICATE with your candidates. You will be better for it!