Things To Do at the Start of Every Day


We all have good days and bad days.  Have you even had a bad day that didn't seem so bad.  That may be because you started your day right.  There are certain things to do that can start your day in the right way and give yourself a fighting chance for a good day.  Here are a few things to do to start off every day:

No Snooze for You: Hitting the snooze button on you alarm won't really help you.  Your body doesn't benefit appreciably from the extra 5 or 10 minutes you get from hitting snooze.  Even if you're a person that is slow to wake up in the morning, at least GET UP and get moving.

Show Up On Time:  I recently was counseling my daughter about when she needed to leave the house to get to her job on time.  Her rationale was that the job was 10 minutes away, so she could leave at 12 minutes before her start, because she didn't want to be waiting around for 5 minutes before she could clock in.  Except she wasn't taking into account things like traffic lights and mall traffic.  I pushed her to leave a few minutes early and she ended up getting there 1 minute early because YOU CAN'T CONTROL OTHERS.  If you're on time, you're late.  It is always better to get there early and be less stressed.

Breath and Relax: Maybe you didn't get off to a great start.  Traffic was really bad or you got attitude from your kid on their way to school.  Something that puts you in a less than ideal mood.  Don't bring that in the office.  Take a minute and breath and relax.  Reset your mood and don't let the bad start keep going all day long.

Be Prepared: Do you have a list of things that NEED to get done that day?  Do you know which one is a priority? Start out the day be knowing which thing you need to focus on first thing and work that.  Ideally before you even open up your email.  Unlike others who preach not checking your email first thing, I realize that for many, email communication rules the enterprise and that is often how you get your workload. But knowing what needs to get done that day will allow you to focus on that.

Know Your Day: What do I mean by that? Know what your appointments are.  I recently had a co-worker come in at his normal time, only to realize that he was already 30 minutes late for a meeting that started first thing.  He hadn't bothered to look at his calendar the night before or even on his phone before he started on his way. Had he done so, he would have know about the meeting and structured things differently.

Other Ideas

Work Out in Morning: Working out in the morning gets your blood pumping and kick-starts your metabolism.  But maybe the most important reason to work out in the morning is because you'll already have it done by the time you start your day. Ever come home and are too tired to work out? Have you ever missed your lunch workout because of work?  Exactly.  Do it first and get it done.

Eat breakfast.  Just like working out, eating breakfast in the morning fuels your body for a good start to the rest of the day.  Make it mostly protein and you won't be starving at lunch time.