Getting Your Stuff Together

My wife and I were watching TV last week when a commercial for the Grammy Nominations show came on with Taylor Swift. ‘That girl has her stuff together’, my wife said.  And I agreed – because she does.  Then I started thinking, what does it mean to have your stuff together?  Both of us could see she did but that’s a conclusion, not a behavior.   What behaviors go into ‘having your stuff together?’


Plan your work and work your plan. We've all heard that, right?  But having a plan is essential to success. It is your road-map.  Know where you're headed.  It’s nearly the beginning of a new year.  What do you want to achieve this year and what’s your plan to achieve it?

Be Prepared.  Successful people show up on-time and with what they need.  Materials, agendas, good calendar are all tools to allow you to succeed.  Do you know how to use them to your advantage?  Start preparing for tomorrow's events today so you have a stress-free day tomorrow.

Set high standards.  Be meticulous in you planning and what you expect of others.  Not only will it raise you up, but also those around you.  High standards allow you to achieve more

Put The Systems In Place. Successful people have people and systems in place to ensure that they're successful.  The right tools make all the difference between good and great. Many people thing of tools as physical things, but systems can be comprised of the right check-lists and controls and even support people.  Having a great cheerleader in your corner to keep you going is as important as any piece of tech you think you might want.

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