Tis The Season... To Share The Praise


It is that time of year again folks.  Yes, it is also time for holiday festivities, but December also marks the need for performing year end reviews.  While fairly despised by all employees and many managers, many companies still hold on to this year-end tradition.

This time of year, it is especially important to let other managers know when their employees are doing a good job for us.  Telling managers verbally how good their people are is great, but it helps everyone if you'd write it out and send it to them.  The manager can choose to share it with their employee if you don't copy the employee for a job well done, but most importantly, it provides managers with a form of documentation they can use if they need to justify pay increases or bonuses.  And there is a good chance that if you share your thoughts with managers, they will share their thoughts on your employees as well.  And if they don't, do not be afraid to ask.