Jim Balsillie may have driven Research in Motion into the ground by not changing course in time, but it looks like he at least had a plan for trying to pull it out.  Interestingly, Jim's plan is similar is concept to an idea I voiced to some Gartner folks a few months ago, which is to captialize RIM's data network as a lower-cost data network.  Sure the data might be a little slower, but if carriers offered it as an option for some folks rather than the higher-speed options, I bet there would be a good number of people that would bite.  Check out the article at Reuters for a bit more insight. This plan would allow RIM to still stay in the handset game if they wanted to, but wouldn't be reliant on their own handset sales for revenue.  I think it is really an idea worthy of more consideration, and not just because I thought of it too! :-)