AT&T Data Caps: Redux

For those of you who have been following the drama around the AT&T Unlimited Data issue, AT&T would like you to believe that this has all been put to bed.  They decided that it made sense to cap people's unlimited data at 3GB, since people were paying the same price for unlimited as they were for the 3GB plan.  On the surface, a reasonable plan. But there are a few things you need to be aware of with this new change.  The first is around notification.  If you are a heavier data user and don't closely track your data usage, you could easily use up 3GB in a month.  If I forget to connect to WiFi when I'm streaming my Netflix while at the gym on the treadmill, I imagine I could easily rack up that much.  In the first month, they'll send you a text message letting you know you're going over and they'll throttle you.  OK, that's good. But that's the only notification you'll ever get!

If you go over a second month, they won't bother to send you that text message that costs them a fraction of a cent to send.  You'll get no notification at all.  All you'll get is crap service until your next billing cycle starts.  No option to buy more bandwidth.  Nothing.

Notice by the way, that they have effectively changed your plan from Unlimited to 3GB.  That is a change to your contract, but because they didn't actually CHANGE your contract, they don't give you the out you'd be entitled to if they were actually to change it (you're entitled to cancel any contract without penalty if they change the terms of your contract).  And it doesn't take into consideration the universally accepted definition of what UNLIMITED means, which is to have NO limits on how much data you can use.  If AT&T were grown-ups and responsible business people, they would admit that they are no longer comfortable having these contracts out there and take steps to cancel them.  Tell me now that at the end of 2012 you're going to do away with unlimited data contracts and will automatically be switching me over to a 3GB plan.  Just man up and do it and stop playing games with throttling!