Do You Practice at "Life"?

All of the things we do everyday are woven into what we call "life".  But how hard to you work at making your life what you want it to be?  How often do you implement "best practices" for your own life?  Not just in business, but your personal life as well?  Leo Babauta over at Zen Habits has a very thought-provoking article about how we should give greater thought to how we "practice life".

"What if, instead, we practiced consciously, deliberately, and became good at the things we really want to be good at?  What if you first, above all skills, learned to be more aware of what you are practicing? What if constant conscious action is the skill you became good at? If you could learn to take conscious action, you could learn to practice other things you want to be good at, rather than the ones you don’t." ~Leo Babauta