Make Your SmartPhone Work For You

So you got a new smartphone as a holiday present this season and you've started to download a ton of apps.  Great.  Now you need to make that device  more efficient by arranging your apps by how you use the device.  Jon Mitchell wrote an article over at Macgasm that talks about arranging your iPhone to get things done.  Its a good read with several good ideas and I thought I would "add" to it.  This advice also applies to those iPads people received as well. The first thing to remember is that you're not stuck with whatever arrangement of icons you have currently or may have in the future. You can change them us as your usage changes.  But a good rule of thumb is to have your most used apps as a single tap off the home screen.  This is because you can get back to these apps with just a press or two of the home button.  The apps you see here are apps I use all the time.  The one exception you see is a group called "Quick".  These are apps that I want to be able to get to quickly and don't want to remember what screen they're on.  But mostly they are messaging apps.  Apps like Facebook Messenger and IMO are in this group too.  I put them in there because I don't have notifications turned on for these apps, but I do have badges enabled for them, so I can see when a message was left for me with a quick glance of the home screen.

Those of you with Android devices may not have the ability to change the order your apps are listed in the Applications screen, but you usually have at least 5 home screens you can customize in a similar way.  You also have the option of putting Widgets on your home screens, but use them with caution - some of them can eat up your battery pretty quickly!

Enjoy your new devices!