App Review: Easy Alarms for iOS

In starting the "day in the life of" app reviews, I have to start with the app that starts my day.  For me, that is an alarm application called "Easy Alarms".  For a while, I was using the built-in Clock application that comes as part of all iPhones and iPod Touch units, but I had a few issues with it.

The first issue was that the built-in Clock application doesn't open the mute switch.  This might be fine for some who forget to turn their phone off of mute all the time, but for me, it is very embarrassing to have an alarm going off in a meeting or other event where quiet is expected. Easy Alarms obeys the mute switch, any only vibrates when an alarm goes off with the switch on mute.  This is exactly what I want in meetings!
Which actually leads me to my second issue with the Clock app: you cannot disable an alarm for just one instance.  By that I mean, you can turn off an alarm, but then you need to wait until that alarm time has passed before you can re-enable it.  In the past, this has been an issue for me, as I might remember to turn off an alarm, but then I forget to re-enable it and thus miss it.
Here is a good example where this applies, and where this application shines: the holidays are coming up and there will be weekdays where I won't want to get up at my normal wake-up time.  Thanksgiving is a good example - I want to get up at 5:20 Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but Thursday and Friday I want to sleep in.  Now I can just disable to alarm on Wednesday after I wake up, but sometime after Friday, I need to remember to turn it back on.  With Easy Alarms, I can just go into the app, scroll to the alarm in question and hit a button called SKIP.  I can hit this SKIP button as many times as I want it to skip days and it will tell me the next time it is scheduled to go off.  I've done this for week-long vacations, never having to worry about remembering to turn my alarms back on!
This application also has count-down timer functions - great for timing your laundry or TV time for your kids or wherever you need a timer.  Whenever you create a timer or alarm, it stays in the app until you delete it, so it's easy to reactivate a timer, just by sliding the bar from right to left.
Both alarms and timers have an option for a snooze in various increments and a decent selection of alarm sounds, both short and long.  I would appreciate the option to use ringtones I have on my phone as alarm sounds as well and have asked for that function, so hopefully that will come in a future release.
Here are a few screen shots so you can see how easy it is to use.