Tablets are Content CREATION Tools too!

Much criticism of the Apple iPad and other tablets centers around the fact that they're great content consumption devices. And they are.  Lifehacker even has a great run-down them being great productivity tools.  From browsing the web to watching movies, these are great little devices.  But with the right hardware and software, these things are also great for content creation for the person who's full-time job is NOT content creation, but has the need to occasionally create content.  Apple makes Pages, Keynote and Numbers, which are word processing, presentation and spreadsheet software, respectively.  Google has GoogleDocs, which is an online "productivity" suite which can be used by Apple and Android devices, as long as you're online.  And EverNote is a great cross-platform note taking app that is available on both platforms and will become available on WebOS tablets as well. And you're not tied to just the on-screen keyboard either.  When coupled with a blue-tooth keyboard, of which there are many sizes and styles to suit your needs and wallet, your tablet can become a great, moderate content CREATION device. So take a browse through the app store and your local Best Buy or Amazon to see what you can do to be more mobile and squeeze more out of your tablet!