The Demise of Email is Greatly Exagerated

A recent article in Fast Company quotes the COO of Facebook talking about the eventual demise of email based on the fact that most teens don't use email, but rather social networks. Based on this, email is supposedly going to fade into the sunset. While I understand and agree that many teens live on Facebook and other sites, the rules for business are different. Teens communicate with their friends and they are generally on one network. Businesses don't agree on an email system and it wasn't until we got email standards that electronic messaging took off. Email is universal. Businesses, even those that embrace social networking will not embrace these applications as their standard. Even Facebook still uses email. But, so the argument goes, so many people keep in touch with people using social media.  True. I'm a good example.  I use Twitter for quick broadcasts, but I'm limited to 140 characters.  Can you imagine trying to conduct a conversation 140 characters at a time? Me neither.  Facebook is for my family and friends.  Linked-In is for my professional network.  Not in any of those groups.  Hmmm.  If I were to dump email, I guess I wouldn't communicate with many people.  Some days that might not be a bad thing, but it would put a overall crimp in my ability to get things done.

So don't hang up you email address just yet - email is going to be around for quite a while longer.