Is A Results Only Work Environment (ROWE) For You?

In a Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE), people get to do whatever they want, whenever they want as long as the work gets done.  It is taking a flexible work environment to a new level and companies like Best Buy are making it work for them.  Can it work for you?  Think about it - is it more important for you to BE in the office, or to get the work DONE? Here are a few things that could make a ROWE arrangement work for you, complements of Tech Republic:

#1: Use technology to increase freedom, not to increase availability

#6: Make your Out-of-Office reply more useful (or better yet, don’t use it)

and my favorite:

#10: Treat everyone like an overseas vendor

When we communicate with people overseas, we have to be thoughtful, concise, and clear. We have to be mindful of the barriers created by time, space, language, and culture. We also have to trust that they’re going to do the job. We can’t send them a note that says, “Hey, are you around later to chat about this thing I’m working on?” We can’t pop by their cube for an impromptu meeting. We can’t work on the fly. Now imagine what would happen if we treated everyone that way.

Stay tuned for more on ROWE, as we'll definitely be adding our two-cents on this topic over time.