Beware the Copier?

Recently, CBS ran a story where someone bought a used copier, took it back to their office, opened it up, pulled the hard disk out of the device and was able to read all sorts of sensitive documents that they shouldn't have been able to read.  Thus started the tsunami that I've been living with for the last month or so, dealing with how to remediate the problem that this security hole has created. But this security problem is not limited to large organizations.  Almost every machine made since 2002 has a hard disk or other memory that can store documents on the device which can be read later.  Documents that have important and sensitive data on it, like maybe your tax returns, copies of your birth certificate, etc.  Stuff you definitely do not want others to see. 

For more information about how you can protect yourself, please visit our friends from DocuSense at  They have the first of what will be several articles on this topic that you should follow.  Enjoy.