Quick Look: Motorola Devour

 The Motorola Devour is the little brother of the famous Droid phone on Verizon Wireless.  Similar in design to the Droid, the Devour has a sliding landscape keyboard, a touch screen and both run Google's Android operating system.  But that is where the similarities end.  Where the Droid is quick and responsive, the Devour is sluggish at times.   The Devour runs Motorola's Blur social networking add-on (you cannot get Blur on the Droid), but try as I might, I could not grasp why anyone would want to run Blur.  It shows you your last email, Tweet or FaceBook update, but only the last one.  Personally, the value of Twitter or FaceBook is the entire time line, not just the last update.

The design of the unit is actually well finished.  It fits well in your hand and while the keyboard seems small, you get used to it pretty quickly and its decently responsive.  It has an optical track pad like those found on newer Blackberries, and that is a welcome change over the bizarre 5-way directional pad found on the Droid, but they put the back button all the way at the top of the device when using it in landscape mode - it would be better on the bottom next to the keyboard.

If you're used to the Droid or the iPhone, the screen feels small (it's 3.1inches).  Its about a half inch smaller than the iPhone keyboard and its just small enough that it felt cramped to me.

The phone would be great for someone who wants a smart phone for their calendar, contacts and email and does a lot of social networking, but doesn't feel like it would be up to the task of a power user.  The phone is currently available on Verizon right now for $150, which is only $50 less than the Droid.  To us, we'd spend the extra $50 and get a more solid device with a bigger screen. But for the younger generation that wants to get started with the Android phones, this might be a decent pick.