Books In The Age of The iPad

If you are interested in the true potential of form-factors like the iPad for reading and education, you really should read Craig Mod's "Books In The Age of The iPad".  It talks about the changes in how we read books and how tablet-type devices could change that.  A very interesting read. I've had conversations with some textbook publishers about making the switch to the digital format.  Many are interested, but one comment said to me really sticks in my head.  They want to maintain the pedagogy of textbooks.  You just can't do that when reading on an iPhone.  But with a larger tablet device, you can.  You can actually EXTEND the pedagogy by incorporating multimedia right into the text.  Yes, the same can be done on a computer.  But has Craig mentions in his article, people like to hold what they're reading and a PC just doesn't cut it.  Will the iPad?