Will Low Employee Engagement Lead To A Loss Of Talent?

Back on October 15th, I discussed the fact that 67% of Employees Looking to Jump Ship and stressed the need for better communication and that this was a wake-up call for management to pay attention to what their people were saying and doing.  Earlier this month, PersonnelToday.com posted a story saying that One-third of executives fear low employee engagement will lead to a loss of talent.  For us, the most telling part of this article is "While 38% of chief executives and directors felt levels of trust in their companies were high and staff were engaged, only 16% of managers felt the same way".  Mid-level managers need to put their ear to the ground and understand what their people are saying and thinking and make sure the right message is getting out.  As the economy improves, there will be more and more jobs opening up and people will feel more free to explore opportunities.  Businesses who have taken advantage of the economic downturn unfairly will find themselves with a high attrition rate, but it's not too late to turn the ship around.  Take action today!