Business Users No Longer Drive Smartphone Adoption

InfoWorld has an interesting article about how business users are no longer the driving force in smartphone adoption.  This ties in with our previous posting "Will Your Next Phone Be A Smartphone?" It stands to reason that while the business world drove the initial adoption of the smartphone, as the technology becomes more accepted, it pushes down into more mainstream usage.  This is no different from the DayTimer and FiloFax adoption of the 80's.  First business users all had those calendars/binders and before too long, soccer moms were planning play dates with smaller versions that fit in the purses.  The popularity of the iPhone and its "There's An App For That" campaign has gone a long way towards making the smartphone more mainstream. Now RIM (Blackberry), Palm (with the Pre) and Microsoft all are fighting for developers to fill up their own app stores. Our Take: Smartphones will continue to be a "higher-level" device and won't propagate down into true mainstream until such time as the data plans become more affordable.  An EXTRA $40-$60 per month is a lot for many people to stomach and needs to come down to the $15-$25 per month level to see a true shift from a regular phone to a smartphone in every pocket.