Will Your Next Phone Be A Smart Phone?

I have been a user of smart phones for many years.  The reasons for using a smart phone, in my situation were simple. I've always carried a cell phone, since my early days in the industry back in 1985 (!).  Having everyone's phone number in the phone made making a phone call easy.  But when phones started to have calendars too, then they became even MORE useful.  My calendar tends to be in flux frequently.  Being able to view open time and move appointments around on the fly is a godsend.  Throw a web browser in to be able to look up things like movie times, stock quotes, weather forecasts, etc. and you have one heck of a device. But is a smartphone for everybody?  In a word, no.  But that doesn't mean a smartphone isn't for YOU.  As a recent cnet.com article points out, more and more Mom's are making the jump to smart phones (Modern power moms flock to smartphones). The reasons are pretty straight-forward.  More and more, we're on the go.  Having the ability to do things you used to only be able to do from a desktop computer in your down-time when mobile is very compelling.  Just yesterday I was at the pool and some people were talking about going to the movies.  In the past this would have meant finding a newspaper and looking up the movie times or finding a computer to look them up.  Now its just a few taps away on your phone.  Want to know how to dress for work or school in the morning?  Just glance down at your phone now.  When is your first appointment of the day.? You guessed it - right on your phone.

If you haven't given smartphones much thought lately, maybe its time to reconsider.  You'd be suprised at how much more you can do with today's smartphones.