Palm Pre Day 5-6

Still kicking with the Pre and liking it.  One of the things I'd like to point out regarding my review is that I have yet to open the manual (such as it is - its online. Only a quick-start comes with the phone). So these observations, etc. are my unvarnished experiences. The ability to see my wife's Google Calendar without having to do anything has proven useful as last minute plans get added to calendars as the school year winds down. One thing I hope Palm gives us soon as an option is to have appointment reminders repeat.  If you happen to be away from your phone when the alarm goes off, you're likely to miss it as the screen typically turns off soon afterwards (as defined by your power settings). On this front, I hope to see a community of hacks similar to what Palm inspired with the original Palm OS.  HackMaster managed a cadre of little applets that you could use to alter the function of your device more on the operating system-level and they increased the functionality greatly.  Here's hoping that type of hacking and development are available on the Pre/WebOS sometime soon.

We also learned today that Palm expects an update to the Pre in the next 60 days to be able to enforce security policies on Exchange server users in corporate environments.  Many companies want their employee's devices to lock automatically after a certain period of time and be able to remotely wipe the device should it become lost.  Right now the Pre doesn’t support that, but it's coming, so that will help with corporate adoption.

I'm also very happy to see that the folks at Evernote have come out with an official beta client for their product.  If you don't know what Evernote is, I encourage you to check it out.  For me, having access to my notes from my phone, PC and netbook and even just a web browser and have them all synced up and current is great.  I never need to worry about not having access to my data.  I use it for everything from meeting notes to travel arrangements and it’s nice to be able to walk up to a hotel check-in and have all of the confirmation numbers, membership numbers, etc. readily available.

I have generally been getting good reception with the phone and haven't had any complaints about voice quality and I was able to hear people on the other end clearly as well.

So as we close out a full week of working with the device, the real question is, would I give up my BlackBerry for the Pre?  Honestly, it depends on a few factors.  I haven't been a Sprint customer for many years and am not familiar with their coverage outside of the Philadelphia metro area.  I'll be heading north to the Poconos and beyond later this month and will be paying close attention to coverage up the Northeast Extension of the PA Turnpike and points north.  Obviously a phone isn't any good without adequate coverage.

The other factor that will ultimately influence my decision is applications.  I'm the kind of person that doesn't just use his phone as a phone, but really as a lifestyle device.  I read my RSS feeds using Viigo, keep track of my password using RoboForm, read books using MobiReader, etc.  If Palm is successful in getting the developers to develop apps like these for the device, I could consider switching.  I like the form factor (although I'd like to have a slightly larger keyboard, but its not a deal breaker for me) - it fits in my hand nicely and is comfortable to use.  With a few tweaks, you could see me using this as my daily driver.  Stay tuned...