Palm Pre - Day 4

As I mentioned yesterday, the battery life of the Pre was a bit of a concern, as it seems that I won't be able to get through a day with the Pre without topping off the battery at some point during the day. Yes, the Pre has a removable battery and on that front it is better than the iPhone which does not, but I'm not likely to carry around a spare battery.  Why? Simple - there is no external battery charger, so you need to charge it in the phone.  So you need to fully charge up one battery and then swap the battery to charge the second one.  I suppose I could learn to get into the habit of doing that, but I'd rather have the phone have better battery life.  Gearlog has an article up at that gives you tips about getting better battery life, so make sure you check that out. I tried logging out of GTalk and closing the messaging app and it does seem to affect battery life.  That's somewhat unfortunate.  I use GTalk to communicate with my family and have it running full-time on my Bold.  I'm sure I'm taking some battery hit by doing that, but it's not even close to what I'm losing with the Pre battery.

The music player has been getting a lot of press due to the fact that it can sync with iTunes without additional software.  I've used this feature and it works well.  I was able to sync several music play lists as well as my daily podcast lists.  Using the Music Player on the Pre is easy enough and working with a Bluetooth headset works well.  I have the same complaint with the Pre as I do with the other non-Apple iPod devices, which has to do with bookmarks.  I have a commute of 2+ hours total each day, so listen to several podcasts each day.  But I generally end up in the middle of a podcast when I arrive at the office in the morning and want to continue listening to the rest of that podcast on my evening commute.  In order for me to do that with the Pre, I have to leave the Music Player application running the whole day.  Which isn't a problem in and of itself, but if I accidentally close it, the best I can do is start that track from the beginning again.  The other complaint I have is that it doesn't show you the time information about the track (time played/time remaining) on the album art view.  You can see this information on the list view, but the player will default to the art view and will change back to the art view.  It would be nice to have that information without having the change screens.

I talked a little bit about the email yesterday and want to talk a little more today. First, I like having a single interface for my two Exchange servers and my GMail.  But I want to have different signatures for each one, and if its possible on the Pre, I haven't found it yet.  Also, even if you've received a message and read it on your desktop, the Pre will still show you a notification that you have a new message, even if you don't have any unread messages.  It knows that it doesn't have any unread messages - remove the notification!

I'm happy to report that Palm has gotten some additional apps out onto the App Catalog, so you're pickings have gotten better.  It is still a far cry from the 1,000 Blackberry app and the 50,000 (!) apps available for the iPhone, but its progress. Once the SDK really gets out there, I'm sure we'll see a nice selection of applications.  I miss using MobiReader and have to pull out the BB in order to get some reading in.

That’s all for today. Be sure to check back tomorrow for more. Thanks for reading.