A Pen Mightier Than An iPhone?

I came across this article this week about the Pulse Smart Pen and thought I'd provide some comments of my own. http://www.examiner.com/x-8134-SF-Gadgets-Examiner~y2009m5d18-Pulse-Smartpen-should-be-required-for-college-not-the-iPhone

As a Pulse Smart Pen user and a tech geek, I can attest that this pen is an elegant solution in today's electronic world. As you can guess, I have no shortage of technology solutions to bring to bear on any particular need during my work day.  Sometimes this means a netbook, sometimes a full-sized laptop or even a desktop.  But sometimes, a traditional electronic solution is less appropriate when I need to take notes.  There are meetings where the use of a computer would not be a welcome addition.  Many management experts say that computers are not appropriate in any meeting.  But I still want to be able to keep my notes in my favorite note-keeping application, EverNote (http://www.evernote.com/).

Using this device, I am able to write notes in a variety of notebook types and when I get back to my desk, upload both the written notes and even audio if I decide to record any sessions.  For the record, I never record meeting audio, but I have used this feature for classes and other things of that nature.  I have used this device for a number of months now and can honestly say I would buy this device again.

If you have a need to take notes using pen and paper, but keep your notes electronically, I suggest you consider the Pulse Smart Pen.