Are you Living Consciously or Sleep Walking Thru Life?

Living Consciously is about existing in a state of awareness. It is thinking about, evaluating and analyzing your choices, habits and action to understand why you are doing them and how they affect the direction your life is taking. Instead, most people sleep walk through life and wake up many years later regretting the lost time and opportunity that passed them by. Have you ever looked at the calendar at the end of the year and ask "Where did the year go and what did I accomplish?" For too many people, its a yearly occurrence that never seems to end.  Instead, live a life of mindful awareness, where you really consider your choices and your habits and most importantly your actions and how they can affect your life plan.  Don't have a life plan? Develop one.  Set your goals and objectives for the next year, 3 years, 5 years, 10... You can always adjust, but at least you'll be moving forward towards something. Toyota got it right - "Move Forward".