Your Problems Are Not Bigger Than You

I saw this thought in a headline today and I wanted to share some thoughts with you on this important topic. In an economy such as what we're faced with today, many people get overwhelmed with the problems that are facing them.  For some, it is the stress of not having a job while for others its the stress of HAVING a job.  It is often hard to keep the right perspective on our problems when they seem to keep coming at you at a never-ending rate and faster and faster to boot.

But while it IS hard to keep the correct perspective, it is important that you do just that.  Take stock of what is good and what is working. Your health, your family, friends, etc.  Whatever the challenge you are facing, YOU CAN OVERCOME IT.

Take a breath and step back and take stock of everything going on (what we call the MindSweep) and understand what your next steps are with each project.  Many times we're so overwhelmed that we don't even take the time to understand everything that is on our plate and that we've committed to.  This will increase your stress level too, because we don't have a realistic view of everything that is pulling us in every direction.  I find that after I do my Weekly Planning and take stock of all of my projects and what needs to be done in each, I realize that I CAN keep all of the balls in the air after all and keep moving forward!

And don't be afraid to take a mental health day if you need it.  We're coming off a stretch where we had some time off over the holidays and are not yet at a time for vacation.  It seems like a long stretch with no time off.  Take a day and recharge.  Do something you like to do.  Don't spend the day cleaning out the garage unless you really like that kind of thing.  Its OK to take an hour to put some things in order, but the mental health day is for YOU - make sure you benefit from it.

And don't be afraid to talk with someone about it.  Certainly talk with your significant other about the concerns and worries you have and what you're facing.  They can often times provide some level of assistance and even if they can't, it helps to have someone on your side that understands or at least knows about what you're facing. Also take advantage of any assistance your employer, local government or even church might provide.  There are many helpful programs on a variety of topics.  If you feel like you need help staying moving in the right direction and keeping your projects and your life together, give our coaches at Better U a call - its what we do!

In the end, remember - you are bigger than all of your problems and YOU WILL OVERCOME.