International Clean Out Your Inbox Week 1/28 - 2/1

Did you know that this week is International Clean Out Your Inbox week?  No, sorry, its not a national holiday or anything, but it IS about joining businesses and individuals in making their email routines more effective and efficient.

This week takes the opportunity to highlight a growing problem in business today - EMAIL OVERLOAD.  Even that moniker is a bit deceiving.  While it may be true that you do in fact receive more emails than you'd like, the fact is that most people have trouble with all that they have IN their inbox.

Why is having an empty inbox so important?  I answer that question with a question: "When you open your inbox, other than those messages that are marked unread, do you know what needs to be done INSTANTLY with each of those messages?"  If the answer is NO, then you've answered your own question.

All email programs allow for the filing of emails for archive purposes.  That's the place you go for messages you file away for "a rainy day". But your inbox should be just for your new mail.  Do you stand at the curb and read your mail from the Post Office at your mailbox and put back into the mailbox that mail you don't want to deal with yet? Of course not!  Yet many people do that very thing with email.  You empty your mailbox everyday.  Why? Several reasons - it makes room for tomorrow's mail.  You know what needs to be processed each day.  And many more reasons.  The point is, you should empty your inbox at least a few times a week, just like you empty your physical inbox or mailbox and institute a process for dealing with it effectively.

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