Have A Plan For The New Year

And so begins a New Year. Hopefully you have already broken the plastic seal on your new calendar and already have many things written down as you prepare for a fresh start to a calendar.

111923_Happy New Year

For many people, a new calendar is a reason to start anew with many aspects of their life. New Year's "resolutions" are about as common as they come. Many people look upon the New Year as a time for a fresh start and set some resolutions for a new you - a Better U (shameless plug :).

So what do you want to change about you that you'll resolve to Do Better at next year? Lose weight? Be better organized? Stop smoking? Do you have a plan?  Do you have a support system to help you succeed? Statistics state that most people's New Years resolutions don't last a month and rarely does lasting change occur.  But those who have sought help and encouragement and support succeed on a much higher level.

But the important thing to remember as we start the process of starting anew is to have a REALISTIC PLAN that supports you in your goal. Many people wish for weight loss and renewed health. Great. Got that gym membership paid for yet? How about blocking time off on your calendar when you'll really do it? Got a buddy to help support you when you don't feel like going? These are all just simple examples of having a plan for succeeding at your goal.

For some, the hard part is coming up with a plan. A professional or someone who has done it before can help guide you in developing the plan, but the key word here is GUIDE. It has to be your plan! You have to own it. You need to have "skin in the game" as the saying goes.

A professional coach can help you in developing your plan and integrating it into your life. Because the reality is that you probably have more than one goal. A coach is trained on working WITH you to create the plan, not TELL you how to do it. Sure we can guide you, suggest things to think about and consider, but YOU need to own the plan. Here's something to consider: There are probably plenty of things you want to start, accomplish or do better at. How do they all fit together? Do any of them conflict? Knowing how to weave the next actions and set the priorities is something the coaches at Better U can help with - give us a call if you're interested in starting out 2008 with a bang!