Prep For Vacation All Year Long

For many of us, this time of year means taking time off to spend with family and friends over the holidays and time away from work.  For the last several years, I have taken off the time between Christmas and New Years as vacation time.  And so I do my best to prepare for being off and away from the office for a week.

So an interesting thing happens on the way to vacation - you get your act together!  Your planning becomes more focused, you work hard to get stuff done - you're on your game.  And while it is sometimes tiring, it is also exhilarating.  You're in a groove.

So ask yourself this: What would life be like if I did this ALL YEAR LONG?  My guess is that is would NOT be tiring, but you would be grooving on a regular basis.  You'd be leaving the office on-time, your inbox would be empty and your task list would have what you're supposed to be working on and your projects would be current.  WOW, what a thought!  Think about it - what would your life be like if you had your "vacation act" together all year long?  Hmmm...