Holiday Stress Management - Parts 3 & 4

So I was experiencing my own type of stress yesterday due to a heavy workload and didn't get a chance to post the next section of this series on coping with Holiday Stress, so I'm combining them into a dual post.

Today, we're going to talk about Taking Control of Your Time and Limit Commitments and Taking Time to Enjoy Family and Friends: Establish Traditions. Its actually kind of good that these posts got combined because they're somewhat related.

Taking control of your time and limiting your commitments is a problem that many people have all year long, but it is especially relevant this time of year, with all of the extra events thrown in.  Remember, you are the master of your domain, or at least of your calendar.  So the first step is to maintain your calendar and make sure you have all committed events on the calendar.  This happened to me just last night - I didn't have something on my calendar and almost over-committed myself.  Luckily it was early in the process, so there wasn't too much stress.  But the point is that you need to control your calendar and beg off events you don't want to go to or "have" to go to.  And before anyone starts thinking "You don't HAVE to do anything you don't want to do", the realities of the business world dictate that sometimes you need to attend that company holiday party, if even for just a short time.

Which leads us to the second tip here, which is to limit the amount of time you spend at some events.  You don't always need to stay until the end.  Consider that even when accepting an invitation and let the host know you can come but only stay for a little while.

The second part is to take time to enjoy family and friends and establish traditions. Spend time with people you enjoy and that make you feel good.  We have a tradition where we spend New Year's Eve with our friends and we rotate who's house it will be at.  But make sure the traditions serve you.  Going to a friend's or family's house just because that's what you've always done isn't always a good thing.  If going somewhere causes you stress, discuss it and see if you can change that tradition to better serve you.  You may not be able to get out of it completely, but maybe you can limit your exposure.

Hope these tips have helps and enjoy a safe holiday season!