Weekly Adaptations

As we talk about creating new habits, it is important to point out that you can permit yourself to make course corrections as you go along.  Focus on making weekly adaptations to your new habits that will allow you to be most successful.  Many people are striving to create a new habit that will take many months or years to fully integrate into their being.  Making weekly adaptations will allow you to best integrate these new habits into your life. You can't work on something a year at a time - its one day at a time.  Just like eating the elephant - one bite at a time, you need to focus on what you can affect right now.  By making weekly adaptations you can adapt what you're doing so that your method gets better over time.  Review what you did, what the obstacles were and how best to overcome those obstacles.  Then you can truly be successful.

Be All In

As we approach the end of January, how are you doing with creating your new habits (remember, we don't care for resolutions)? Most people start to fail because they let themselves quit when things get hard.  But what types of motivation have your given yourself, both positive and negative? Have you selected a reward to give yourself for being successful? Or what if you had to give up a favorite activity if you didn't stick with a new habit? Would you be more likely to commit to your new habit?  Both of these methods have proven to be successful?

Be ALL IN and you'll make those new habits true habits.