The Start of a NEW Decade

If any of you follow my articles, you saw that I recently published about it being the last quarter of the year, and asking what you were going to focus on for the rest of the year to make it end with a bang.

For today's article, I'm going to have you look both forward AND backward. See, since it is 2019, it is the end of a decade. Can you believe it? For me, these past 10 years have been quite life-changing!

  • I moved 1000 miles from where I spent my entire adult life.

  • Bought a new house and a few new cars.

  • I started doing business coaching full-time and successfully impacted the lives of many business owners.

  • I created a new company focused solely on IT Service Providers.

  • I will have finished my book by the end of this year.

These are just some of the highlights that I have been able to accomplish over the last 10 years. Back in 2010, would I have thought that I would now be living in Florida and not missing the cold PA weather? No. But did I see myself owning my own coaching business and being successful in that endeavor? You bet!

And that's the point of this article. As you look out for the next 10 years, where will you be in 2029? Do you have that vision? Do you even have an idea of what that looks like?

I can tell you that I do. And it is a pretty clear picture. Why is that important? Because having a clear picture of what I want my future to look like lets me focus on achieving that future. It gives me direction and guidance. And a future vision can give you the same.

If you don't really like how the last 10 years have turned out, or don't have a plan for the next 10 years, give the coaches at Better U Coaching a call at 813-701-9876 (or email us at and find out how we can help you paint an awesome picture for the next 10 years and beyond!