Who We Are...

Better U Coaching & Consulting is dedicated to helping/assisting/coaching individuals and businesses looking to increase their productivity and effectiveness. We provide best-in-class methods for Management and Leadership, helping executives achieve greater success and profitability. For Individuals,  improving work-life balance and stress reduction, leadership development and team building are major areas of focus.

Sounds good.  But what does it mean?  What do we really do??

We help people get more out of life by helping them identify what it is they want and work with them to create the road map to getting it.  And we stay by your side as navigators to ensure you stay on course.  We help you uncover the answer to the two great tragedies in Life: Not knowing your purpose and not LIVING it with passion and dedication - every single day you are alive.  Our PROVEN tools and systems will help you achieve MORE and, quite simple, be a Better YOU!



A History...

Better U Coaching and Consulting was founded by Richard Beynon. As a former IT executive and successful business owner and consultant, Rich has had the opportunity to interface with professionals from all levels of the organization across a wide selection of industries, including pharmaceuticals, finance, banking, health care, manufacturing and real estate through various management and leadership roles. Rich realized that coaching was a natural extension of his management style and started formal training through Coach U and then with Think TQ to bring the tools and systems to bear that allow his customers to achieve their highest goals.  

Better U focuses on bringing forth the individual’s potential through various exercises, discussions and assignments. We trains entrepreneurs and executives in the tools and skills of excellence for greater success and profitability. That means we work first with the leader of the organization to help them rid themselves of limiting habits and attitude. Next refocus them on routines support and sustain them personally. Then we develop and find tune strategic and tactical tools and skills to advance their businesses or careers.

Our passion and expertise is working with entrepreneurs, executives and business professionals and individuals along with business groups to bring out their best through various kind of processes, interactions and discussions for greater success, productivity and profitability.