Dreams vs. Goals


As we get deeper into the year, I am going to shift my focus away from using the word resolution to using the word Goal.

Let's take one moment here to clarify something, because I fear if I don't, I might confuse some people.  Resolutions and goals are cut from the same cloth.  So you will see me talk about them interchangeably.  Because really, its all about CHANGE.  YOUR change to a BETTER YOU.

So now on with my posting...

In previous posts, we talked about resolutions - our statement to ourselves that we were going to do things differently.  Many of us made them late in the year last year, not to be enacted immediately, but tomorrow, next week or next month.  

So now its February - how are you doing?

Its easy to get off track.  We get distracted, encounter a few set-backs, get discouraged and then… we give up.

But I would like you to ask yourself: "Is this a DREAM or a GOAL?"

But aren't they different words for the same thing? Not in my dictionary.

Many of us have dreams and visions.  "I want to do …" or "I wish I could …".  Nothing wrong with that.  But we need to distinguish DREAMS, which I like to consider as "flights of fancy" from GOALS and VISIONS.  I dream of what it would be like to own a multi-billion dollar enterprise with houses around the globe and every type of car imaginable.  But that's not really my goal.  While my GOAL might be to achieve great success, goals should also be realistic.  That is not to say that you can't have "stretch" goals, where your objective is further out of your reach than you believe you can achieve.  You should have those and keep working towards them.  What your goals should do is support your dreams. That is, you should break your dreams, which you can’t control, down into things that you can.  

Goals are things that you can take action on. Are YOU taking action today?  If not, call us for a free consultation.